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Cathy Saputo
Counseling  |  Wellness  |  Sex Therapy
Licensed Professional Counselor 
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Couples Counseling
​​Every couple experiences ups and downs in their levels of closeness and harmony over time. This can range from basic concerns of disconnection to serious expressions of aggressive behavior. Relationship therapy can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds.

Overall, couples counseling can help both partners reestablish realistic expectations and goals and slow the downward relationship spiral. I work with heterosexual and LGBTQIA couples in all stages of relationships, including pre-marital counseling and those working toward healthy separation. 

I offer The Gottman Relationship Checkup which is a couples clinical tool that consists of 480 questions that identify a couples' strengths and challenges. It covers questions about friendship, intimacy, conflict, emotions, values, goals, parenting, trust, and finances. This research-based assessment was created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in collaboration with The Gottman Institute. This tool will help to guide therapy goals. 

I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy and use it in my work. Other influences include Imago Therapy, Attachment Theory, and Family Systems Theory.

Although I offer telehealth sessions (online counseling), I do not use with couples at this time. Couples will be required to meet with me at my office.
Group Counseling
Group counseling for couples is sometimes offered. Participating in a group allows you to see that you are not alone in your type of relationship challenge. Attending counseling with other who are experiencing similar struggles can create understanding, support, and possible solutions no matter what the concern.

Ask me about current groups.

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​​Consider couples counseling if:
- A new relationship has you examining past patterns. You desire to create new, healthier patterns before moving forward.

- You seek pre-marital counseling outside of a religious setting to examine shared values, goals, and strengths.

- You are feeling disconnected from your partner and want to reconnect through improved communication, healthy behaviors, and renewed emotional bonds. 

- Sexual health concerns or sexual incompatibility are causing conflict in your relationship.

- You or your partner has a mental health issue and you're needing tools to cope and support one another.

- One (or both) of you has contemplated separation or divorce. You seek discernment counseling to decide next steps.

- A transitional event like caregiving for a parent, change in living situation, becoming new parents, or grieving a family loss is negatively impacting your relationship.

It is common to hear that one partner is not interested in counseling. If that's the case, get started on your own. Progress can be made with individual counseling. 

Specialty areas include: Anxiety, Depression, Caregiver Stress, Chronic Illness, Couples and Relationships, Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, Open or Poly Relationships, Pre-marital Counseling, Quarter-life Issues, Sexual Concerns, Step-Parenting Challenges, and Trauma.

Individuals, and Couples ages 13 and up from all backgrounds and cultures are welcome. I am an LGBTQIA affirmative therapist and work with all sexual orientations and gender identities. 

​Ask about current Group Counseling.

Consultation to other Therapists and Healthcare Professionals is available. I supervise LLPCs to obtain full license in Michigan.